Insight into the New Year

This time of year always awakens inside of us a desire to change for the better. This year, however, its been noted that more and more people are choosing to go down the “you won’t see any change outta me” route.

This is a discouraging attitude to take given the symbolic nature of the New Year. A chance to start over; a chance to reset our lives, so to speak. To approach this change with a mindset that negates it, seems to spell doom for the remainder of the new year. 2017 was a heavy year for many, why would any of us want it to continue? In order to change the world around us, we really must begin with ourselves. Society says that one person cannot make a noticeable change, but really that is untrue. Begin with a smile. Obey the traffic laws and when someone cuts you off choose to let it go. Give a dollar to charity whenever you’re at the gas station and they ask you to. Expect nothing in return and radiate peace and love to those around you. Small gestures will change the people around you. It is possible to repair acquaintanceship’s  and friendships bit by bit, if you want to.

We would do well to remember that the Universe is a tricky place, and we humans have not got it figured out yet. Threaten to remain the same, and boast of keeping negative traits, and She might just throw you a curve ball or two.

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