Resolutions for the New Year

Better late than never!

This year I decided to keep the list simple and to the point. Coincidentally, my goals for this year very much mirror the goals i made, and completed, two years ago.

1. Run 15k. In 2015 I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k for the Ronald McDonald house up in Minneapolis. It was done in memory of my nephew, whom we lost in 2014 to a very rare genetic disorder. It is a charity that is near and dear to my heart, and i was proud of the fact that I completed the race.

2. Publish my writing. At the very least I am hoping to enter one writing contest. I have some free time this semester and I’m hoping to put that time to good use. I am not going to count blogging since I like to view that as a separate hobby all together.

3. Get back into shape. At my smallest, I weighed 132lbs and I was almost into a size 0 jean. Pregnancy was not kind to me and i gained an excess of 60lbs. 8 months after giving birth and I am more than ready to see the old me.

4. Finally (and perhaps my most important goal) is to keep the promises i make to myself. I find myself getting rolled over by other people too often. I break the agreements I make with myself and this year that is going to stop. When I recognize negative behavior I will address it once, if it does not change then I will force something to change.

I am determined to make 2018 the best year I possibly can.

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