Thoughts Rolling Around

I always seem to forget the most important words you ever said to me.

It was back in June. I was still on bed rest after having our son. You had just been up to visit, finally, for the first time that past weekend. It was not a pleasant weekend, not at all. Conversation was tense, you neglected to tell me that you had brought *her* with you, even though I specifically asked you to come alone. There was a confrontation about that, and I was left more than a little unhappy.

Three days later you decided to get drunk and call me. For three hours you yelled at me, talked gibberish, and finally admitted everything I already knew. You got mad when I told you that none of it was a surprise, but that I was still hurt at the betrayal I felt occurred. It was admitted to me that you were with her, and that every goal you held would be met, with her by your side. Claims were made that this was all being done for our son, but when I begged you to move closer that was out of the question.

Finally, those words that should have set me free the moment you said them, were made public.

“I don’t think that we can ever be together again. The wounds just run too deep. We’ve both hurt each other too much.”

You cheated on me almost every year we were together. You told me lie after lie and then got mad if I would not believe them. Yet I hurt you as badly as you hurt me. You’re, of course, referring to the time where I messaged that one ex from your phone and told her to leave you the hell alone. After you spent three months going behind my back setting up a relationship with her. When you were caught, you chose me…and yet this girl was still messaging your phone. Yes, I told her off; no, I didn’t tell her it was me. What would have been gained from that? She would have messaged you the next night to tell you how awful I was being. Forget that nonsense.

Are you really comparing the things I did in response to you, with the things you proactively did to me? Apparently so. I also found out that you’ve told everyone about me, and they agree that what I did was worse.

So basically, everyone in Columbia is a pack of liars and cheats. I will keep that in mind and steer clear of the place.

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